Structural Analysis-II

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To provide basic knowledge of Structures of various materials.


Pre-requisite: ST212 Structural Analysis-I
Degree of Kinematic indeterminacy and restrained structure; Displacement approach of analysis – Slope deflection method, Moment distribution method for analysis of continuous beams and rigid – jointed plane frame; Use of symmetry; Three hinged and two hinged arches; cables and suspension bridges; Qualitative ILD for continuous beams; frames and arches; Matrix method using system approach – flexibility and stiffness method for analysis of pin-jointed plane frame, continuous beams and rigid – jointed plane frame; Introduction to Direct Stiffness method; Assembly of stiffness and load vectors; Boundary condition and solutions; Application to planer structures – trusses beams and frames & its computer formulations.


1. Matrix method of Structural Analusis by Pandit and Gupta.
2. Structural Analysis by C.K. Wang

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