Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg-I

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To provide basic knowledge of Soil and properties.


Soil and soil-mass constituents; and weight volume relationships, index properties, classification of soils, soil structure and clay minerals. Capillarity, permeability and seepage through soils, shearing strength of soils, determination of parameters by direct shear box, tri-axial and unconfined compression test, vane shear test, typical stress-strain curves for soils; stress path concept, determination of pore pressure coefficients. Liquefaction of soils, Soil compaction, laboratory tests and field control, Engineering properties of rocks and classification system. Testing of rocks; laboratory and field tests. Ground improvement techniques: mechanical stabilization, cement lime and bitumen stabilization.


1. Modern Geotechnical Engineering by Dr. Alam Singh.
2. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering by B.C. Punmia.
3. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering by Dr. K.R. Arora
4. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering by Dr. Gopal Ranjan
5. Relevant IS Codes.

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